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Something I’ve come to realize over the years of being an actor, jewelry designer, hypnotherapist, public speaker, and now the creator of The Regal WrapTM , is that only we have the ability to hinder ourselves.

After I gave birth to my second son I lost my mojo. I didn’t book an acting gig for two years. I was worn out most of the time and didn’t have a lot of energy for anything. When the housing market crashed, I lost my marriage and my home. Having to start all over as a single mom of two boys taught me what I was really made of. It was sink or swim. I chose to swim. And I wasn’t alone. I also became aware of so many other women who are out here in the world holding it down on a lot of fronts. They are moms, single women, married with children, married without children, college students and the list goes on. So many beautiful women striving to make their mark and doing the damn thing.

The Regal WrapTM came out of necessity. Most of the mover-and-shaker women I know don’t have a lot of time to be in the mirror wrangling a wrap. I know I don’t. Whenever I would post a picture of myself on social media wearing a head wrap, my friends would comment that they wish they could tie a head wrap or that theirs never look good when they do. I thought, “Hmm... What if I could design a head wrap that goes on as easily as a hat? A ready-to wear head wrap. Because let’s face it: "We got stuff to do!” I ordered a sewing machine on Overstock, taught myself how to sew, and the rest is history.

Now I’m using The Regal WrapTM to connect with women and inspire us to remember just how powerful and invincible we are! All we have to do is use what God gave us!


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